Wilderness Tents

Wilderness luxury in breath-taking peninsular

Kodev Wilderness Tented Camp was built in an untouched natural mangrove reserve, overlooking Kalpitiya lagoon and the Indian Ocean. Situated in Dutch Bay Island, Kodev offers a tantalizingly unique synergy of undisturbed and eco-friendly outdoor camping, luxury facilities. Which would only leave you with the best memories of this breath-taking peninsular where land and water converge in perfect symphony.

Wilderness Tents wt1  Wilderness Tents wt1
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Set in an exclusive mangrove reserve, surround by marine ecosystem and wildlife, you can enjoy the barefoot luxury of your lavish lagoon front tent, which comes complete with king sized beds, en-suite bathroom, finest sea food with warm Sri Lankan hospitality. Direct lagoon front access takes you in the deliciousness of the shallow turquoise waters and breath-taking views.

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We are fully committed to conserve this spectacular environment and accordingly, our well-equipped tents are all constructed on available patched of bare land with no part of the landscape or mangrove especially cleared thus preserving the unspoiled natural state of the peninsular. All our power is solar generated; fresh water usage is carefully managed and none of the waste material escaped into the surrounding marine ecosystem. Camping accommodation designed to take you away from modern urban distractions and get you closer to the wilderness; therefore we don’t feature any televisions or telephones.

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Highly personalised service standards ensure that your entire stay is customised to exactly how you wish to spend your time. We offer to you a unique wilderness atmosphere and experience, which is the result of pure nature and luxury blended, all for you.