Protecting and conserving highly diversified marine ecosystem

Construction of the Camp Site

The camp was built without disturbing the natural environment – Wilderness Tents, Lounge and the Restaurant are constructed above ground level to protect the fauna and flora and allow flowing high tide and low tide water levels. Boardwalks also prevent unnecessary soil erosion. The colour of the tents and the lodge ensures that the camp blends in naturally with the surrounding landscape.

Power Generation – Solar

100% of the camp’s power is generated through an array of solar panels, clean source of energy and preserve the peace and quiet of this pristine area. WIFI internet connection and 220 volt power points are available for guests in Lounge, Restaurant and Tents.
Hot water generated through solar, tents are built facing the lagoon and the ocean which allows the coastal breeze to naturally cool the interior and simultaneously expose guests to the sights and sounds of the surrounding wilderness and the Indian Ocean.

Recycling and Reuse

We highly practise the concept of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. All the waste generated by the camp is carefully transported to the waste point and camp has its own compost facility. All chemical containers are reused. Used bottles and cans are separated at camp and returned to the recycle point.


Here is no fresh water means within the Camp range, all water provided at camp brought in via water browsers. Water is sourced from deep tube well ensuring the best quality naturally filtered water is been utilised. Water for the showers is solar heated throughout the year thus guests can enjoy a warm shower in the late afternoon. Water from the showers and hand basins is carefully managed to ensure only filtered water is dispensed back into the ground.

Empowerment of local communities

We source all our requirements from the local area, including manpower. Food items are daily and freshly soured from local farmers and fishermen’s.